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Tree structures in relational Databases

Arkhangelskiy Andrey


  1. Introduction
    1. Used tools
      1. Construction of the Database
      2. Connection to a database
      3. Debugging of programs with inquiries
    2. That is on an applied compact disc
  2. Simple (unary) tree structure
    1. Tables
    2. The extension of a tree structure
    3. The table with compound keys
    4. The most simple application of tree structures
      • Construction of the table
      • Construction of the interface
    5. Mapping of tree structures
    6. Mapping of a tree with additional structure Data
    7. Additional operations with a tree
      1. Addition of a new node in a tree
      2. Dragging of a node on a tree in other node
      3. Change of the order of node in a tree inside of one node
      4. Editing of a node
      5. Deleting of a node
      6. Operation with keys Cntrl+C, Cntrl+X, Cntrl+V
    8. Mapping of a contained node in the form of
    9. Stored procedures in a DB for operation by tree structures
    10. Filling of the table from SQL-script
    11. Saving of the table in SQL-script
    12. Useful inquiries by operation with tree structures
      • Movement on a tree upwards
      • Obtaining of the uppermost parent
      • Count of the total salary
  3. Some trees in one table
    1. Table Persons (Personnels)
      1. Construction of the table Persons
      2. Mapping of the table Persons
      3. Stored procedures of the table Persons
      4. Filling of the table Persons From SQL-script
      5. Saving of the table Persons In SQL-script
    2. The table Goods(Goods).
      1. General provisions
      2. The first variant of filling of the table Goods(Goods)
        1. Mapping of the table Goods (The first variant)
        2. Saving of the table Goods In SQL-script
        3. The remained problems
      3. The second variant of filling of the table Goods
        1. Filling of the table from SQL-script
        2. Mapping Tree (The secondVariant)
        3. Mapping of record on the form
        4. Saving of the table Goods In SQL-script
    3. The table "the Schedule of scores" in book keeping
      1. Test laboratory
      2. Implementation of tables and procedures
      3. How it to display
      4. The resume
  4. Tree structures on several tables
    1. Calculation of complexity of car repairs
      1. How it is made?
      2. Choice of the complex as repair effect
    2. The program of preparation of complexes VAZKompl
      1. How it is made?
      2. How it to display on a tree?
    3. How to pass by the underground?
  5. The conclusion
  6. Applications
    1. Problems in structure of the Commodity nomenclature of foreign trade activities of the CIS (2000г)
    2. Universal Decimal Classification
      1. The foreword to the official publication of tables of UDC
      2. The common technique of application of Universal decimal classification
        1. Short historical data on UDC
        2. Structure and principles of construction of UDC
        3. Constituents of UDC
        4. The main table of UDC
        5. Auxiliary tables
        6. Special determinants
        7. The common determinants
        8. The common determinants with a hyphen (Table Ik)
        9. Principle of uniform division inside of the main sections
        10. Principle of division by analogy (parallel division)
        11. Signs of UDC
        12. Methodical instructions inside of tables of UDC
        13. Alphabetically-index (АПУ)
        14. Fundamentals of codeindexing on UDC
    3. Problems at usage of UDC

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